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Welcome to EES-SIYAKHA
Your Partner in Turning Employment Equity Transformation to your Business Advantage

EES-SIYAKHA is the leading EE Transformation consultancy in South Africa. We have specialised in the EE field for the past 20 years.


Equity Pro: our EE Goals Setting and Management Tool

Equity Pro is a cutting-edge software application, which assists employers to set and attain achievable EE Goals. Equity Pro also facilitates the completion of the EEA2 and EEA4 for submission to the DoL.


Upcoming Public Events
Half Day Training: Setting achievable EE Numerical Goals for your next EE Plan

Half Day Training: EE transformation Best Practice - moving beyond compliance

One Day Training: Planning your response to the EE Act (i.e. strategy) and recording it in EE Policy and Procedure
One Day Training: Barriers Analysis and AA Measures
Half Day Training: Developing a user-friendly and effective EE Plan
Half Day Training: How to monitor and evaluate your EE and the implemenetation of your EE Plan effectively
Half Day Training: EEA2 and EEA4 Reporting
Assess your EE risk by completing our EE Act Compliance Risk Assessment Questionnaire


EES-SIYAKHA is a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor

EES-SIYAKHA has developed structured and packaged interventions, and distinctive methodologies and tools, including a unique software application that factors in all relevant aspects. We are experts in the development and implementation of EE Plans and the submission of the required EE Reports, and also assist companies to comply with D-G Review requirements.

TDCIEES-SIYAKHA and SABPP are proud to present the 9th Annual Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation (EEDT) Summit from 6 to 7 May 2020 in Johannesburg.

The theme of the 2020 EEDT Summit is: Achieving Excellence in Transformation and Inclusion.

As with our previous EEDT Summits, the purpose of the event is to showcase EEDT best practice, create an opportunity for companies to benchmark against industry leaders and to stimulate creative collaboration and networking opportunity within the EEDT fraternity.

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2019 Awards Dinner Photo Gallery

Employment Equity

We have run our customised, outcomes-based EE workshops for hundreds of clients. These workshops, as well our templates, are refined continuously to ensure maximum benefit to clients.

Employment Equity Compliance

Many employers do not comply with the EE Act’s EE Plan requirements and are at risk. Acquire one or more of our EE Compliance Packages to assist you to comply fully with the
EE Act.

EE Transformation

We provide high-level, participatory consulting and facilitation services. Our in-depth approach is based on our expert knowledge and many years of practical experience and application.

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