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Employment Equity

Ensuring full EE Plan Practical Compliance

The workshop gives you an opportunity to learn how to ensure full EE Compliance, prepare for a D-G review and to complete your EEA2 and EEA4 Reports, minimising your EE fine risk. Furthermore, the workshop will show you how to conduct the Section 19 Analysis, how to develop the EE Plan and how to discharge your organisation's consultative obligations.

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EEA2 and EEA4 Reporting made easy

This workshop is aimed at showing you how to set EE Goals that will satisfy the 'equitable representation' requirement of the EE Act, and to complete your EEA2 and EEA4 Reports. At the end of the workshop delegates will, at their option, be shown a unique software tool, Equity Pro Report, that will assist them to set EE Goals effortlessly and seamlessly complete their EEA2 and EEA4 Reports.

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Setting and Achieving Realistic EE Goals using Workforce and Succession Planning

This is a practical, two-day workshop that will empower you to set achievable EE Goals, aligned to the EAP (or other applicable Pool of Suitably Qualified Persons), and B-BBEE EE Targets. You will obtain a detailed understanding, inter alia, of how to apply Workforce and Succession Planning principles in the workplace, the requirement of the EE Act in the setting of EE Goals and Targets, and the relevance of 'Suitably Qualified Persons' to the setting of EE Goals and its relationship with the EAP.

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The Conducting of Meaningful EE Audits and Development of Effective EE Plans

The EE Act requires an organisation to conduct an analysis of its Employment Policies, Procedures, Practices and Working Environment, and to draw an EE Plan based thereon. This workshop gives Transformation Agents (Transformation Directors, Managers, EE Managers or HR Managers entrusted with EE) the insight, understanding and knowledge to ensure that value-adding EE Audits are conducted and effective EE Plans are developed at their organisations.

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Human Resource Development

Competency-based Recruitment and Selection

This workshop provides participants with a full understanding of "best practice" in recruiting, interviewing and selecting processes, from job vacancy to induction of the new incumbent, and how to implement this effectively in the workplace. Course outcomes include an understanding of the strategic importance of Recruitment and Selection, the need for a sound Recruitment and Selection policy and the use of a process to arrive at a correct and unbiased appointment decision.

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The Performance Management Challenge

This two-day workshop provides external grounding for line managers and exposure to best HR Practice, which will significantly ease their performance management task. The workshop also covers the content and processes choices available for application in a Performance Management System, the structure for the basic core of a PMS and clear identification of the knowledge and skills needed for a manager to be a competent “Performance Manager”.

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