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Your company is obliged to set BEE-aligned EE goals in accordance with the EE Act.

The attainment of the EE goals you set requires careful planning and vigilant monitoring of performance against a number of criteria. In a larger company or group of companies, with multiple subsidiaries, branchesand divisions, this can be an especially complex and time-consuming task.

Equity Pro is an online tool developed to provide companies with a scalable set of modules to plan and manage the entire EE Goals process.

Easy to use and designed from the ground up to match the requirements of the EE Act, Equity Pro handles the potentially complicated calculations for you, in the background.

All you do is enter all your relevant data and desired goals and follow the online instructions. Equity Pro calculates if these goals are achievable.



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Equity Pro's Benefits
    • Equity Pro makes EE and BEE goal setting and management easy.
    • Equity Pro facilitates the setting of achievable EE Goals in line with BEE Targets and the requirements of the EE Act.
    • Equity Pro facilitates management and ownership of EE across groups of companies, divisions and business units.
    • Data is exportable from Equity Pro to EEA2 Reports.
    • Equity Pro saves time and reduces EE Act compliance costs.

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