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Functionality and Features

  • Web-based and easy to follow and apply.
  • Step-by-step guide to calculating EE Goals in respect of each different race and gender group for each Level, based on the requirements of the EE Act and EE Best Practice.
  • Facilitates consideration of all relevant factors, including BEE EE Targets, the EAP or other applicable “Pool of Suitably Qualified Persons” when setting EE Goals.
  • Provides a selection of “Pools of Suitably Qualified Persons” that can be applied to different Levels and/or  Sub-Pools within Levels.
  • Regularly updates data on different “Pools” and their distribution per race and gender.
  • Guides users on deciding on
    • The creation of Sub-Pools within a Level
    • Relevant “Pool of Suitably Qualified Persons”
    • An appropriate Goal for each level.
  • Once a Black Goal % has been selected, automatically calculates Goals for each Race and Gender Group according to selected Pool’s demographic distribution.
  • Separate functionality for the capturing of data and setting of EE Goals and Targets in respect of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Facilitates factoring in and calculation of
    • anticipated growth or shrinkage
    • expected attrition rate
    • the number of expected retirees
    • the number of expected promotions
    • the % male and female proportionality
    • the % of vacancies to be targeted for Blacks
    • the amount of space that has to be created for Blacks
  • Allows users to “play around” with different EE Goals and capture scenarios for presentation to Top Management.
  • Facilitates calculation of EE Targets for each year of the EE Plan that can be copied into each applicable year’s EE Report.
  • Automatically calculates:
    • The BEE EE score for each level in respect of your Starting, Current, EE Goal and EE Target Profile against both 2007-12 and 2012-2017 BEE EE Targets.
    • The Gap between Current Profile and EE Goal in respect of each race and gender group.
    • Gap is used to inform appointments and manage the achievement of EE Goals.
  • Ensures that the right race and gender groups are targeted.
  • Facilitates regular updating of:
    • Your Current Profile.
    • Gap between Current Profile and Goal in respect of each race and gender group.
  • Facilitates identification of how much space needs to be created to meet EE Goals.
  • Facilitates identification of candidates for succession planning and their preparation for future vacant position.
  • Serves as an EE Tracking tool.

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