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A cutting edge, web-based software application that assists employers with the setting of realistic and achievable EE Goals. Welcome to Equity Pro Report!

Equity Pro Report:

  • Provides the user with a template for the entering into of relevant required employee details.
  • Guides the user to allocate each employee into his/her correct EEA9 Occupational Level as per the EE Act and B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice requirements. Most employers find this to be a challenge.
  • Facilitates the:
    • Automatic sorting and conversion of the completed template into the required EEA2  Workforce Profile (also for persons with disabilities), Core and Support  and EEA4 Income Differentials formats, per race, gender and level.
  •  Enables the:
    • Importation of the user’s EEA2 Workforce Profile into Equity Pro Report,  which automatically calculates and displays the user’s BEE EE Score per level and its Total EE and Management Control (MC) Scores, as well as the applicable B-BBEE EE and MC Target and sub-minimums per EE level.
    • Setting of achievable Goals for each race and gender group and persons with disabilities (calculated automatically using formulas in the background). This is done in respect of each level, according to the “equitable representation” requirements of the EE Act, using
      the latest EAP or Matric demographic data, nationally or provincially, and sound Workforce Planning principles.
  • Automatically calculates EE Targets for each year of the plan and allows the user to round these off where necessary.
  • Exports the Workforce Profile, EE Goals so set and EE Targets (also for persons with disabilities), Core and Support and Income Differentials data for inclusion in the EEA2 and EEA4 Forms.
  • Guides the user to complete the remainder of its EEA2 and EEA4 Reports for submission to the DoL.

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