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A cutting edge, web-based software application that assists employers with the setting of realistic and achievable EE Goals. Welcome to Equity Pro Report!

How can my organisation ensure that its EE Numerical Goals are in fact achieved?

From the Equity Pro Report Module, you can upgrade to other Equity Pro Modules in the Equity Pro Lite Suite with further functionalities such as:

  • Managing the entire EE Goals process moving forward, so as to ensure that the Goals are achieved (Equity Pro Report and Manage).
  • Selecting Sub-Pools per Level to accommodate the setting of Goals for positions that have different entry level requirements/qualifications in a Level and for which different (appropriate) Statistical Data Pools can be used in setting EE Goals (Equity Pro Using Sub-Pools).
  • Managing your Workforce Planning and preparing your talent for positions that will become vacant, and that you will be able to identify (Equity Pro Talent Preparation).
  • All of the above (Equity Pro Plus).

If your company is a larger, multi-site organisation, you can use the Equity Pro Group Suite that:

  • Has all of the above functionalities.
  • Enables management of EE across your different sites/business units/regional offices/departments, using its Divisional and Branch Modules.
  • Allows users to compare the aggregates of the data of the Branches and Divisions with the data of the Divisional and Group Modules.
The Annual Licence Fees of such upgrades and modules will be provided upon request.

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