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Evaluations and Feedback


Office Effectiveness:

"The facilitators created an environment that allowed for sharing of experiences, interacting with other participants in groups. Showing of videos help a lot in exposing us to valuable information on understanding terms like responsibility, empowerment and accountability."
T.A.Gumede, KZN Department of Education

"I loved everything. It was excellent!!"
Amor Britz, Clover SA

"Very motivational. Makes you realise what your role is and how to play it."
Chantel, King Pie and Blacksteer Holdings

"Every aspect was positive."
Tendami Silima, Nedbank

"Our facilitators were very practical, simple and approachable. I can recommend the course to every person who works with people in a department. Warm and accommodating."
Rosalia Macheli, The Village Medical Centre

"The positives: Learning different mechanisms when approaching/being faced with a difficult situation. Becoming aware of capabilities that are already there (subconsciously) and identifying/finding ways of utilising this. Realising the importance of my role in the office and using it to the best of my ability. Becoming more accountable. For me, everything was just right. I can only improve myself from here onwards. The workshop was fantastic."
Thuli Malokotsa, South African Post Office

"Everything positive. I will be able to take every aspect and apply it to my job."
Samantha W, Weko Civils

'The presenters were very good. They paid attention to everyone. The presenters explained everything in detail and made sure everybody understood the content."
Tiny Moremoholo, Transnet

"Everything was positive – especially Time Management. I now have a better understanding of how to manage my time as well as to manage stress and to get the best of my team."
Gertie, SANBI

"The event opened my eyes in many ways - how to deal with relationships in our department, managing my time and respecting others they way I would like them to respect me."
Angie Ngalonkulu, University of Cape Town

"The workshop covered a variety of topics that every office deals with. Working in a group opens up new ideas, and you gain knowledge from others.  The exercises were interesting and kept you focused. As a new manager the information was very beneficial."
Lauisha Israel, Leegra Marketing

"Keep it up the good work and introduce more events please!"
Ivy Benge, Khula Enterprise Finance

"I was taught about relationship management and how to deal with different types of people in the office. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel that I can take a lot out of this course and apply it my life."
Samantha Weber, Directfin Training Solutions

"I came to this workshop not knowing a lot, and now my knowledge has been broadened! I looking forward to using what was taught to me. Excellent facilitator."
Paul Abrahams, Department of Health

"I now have a more positive approach. I look forward to my next day at work. I know what I should change about myself to make my work environment more tolerable and pleasant. I’ve learnt how I can change my existing process at work."
Lesley-Ann Codiglia, Vodacom

"Motivated me to see the importance of my position in my organisation. Also gave my assertiveness a spark! It taught me that I ought to be proactive rather than being reactive."
Makwena Rabele, ESKOM

"Learned a lot: will be going back to the office with lots of ideas and a more positive attitude."
Alta Kasselman, Barnstone

"The presenters were so good; they explained everything and made sure that we all understood the content. Breaks in between were perfect as well."
Portia Selani, Deloitte

"Well structured and presented!"
Elrina van Schaardebburgh, Girls & Boys Town

"I learned a lot about relationship management – different types of people, behave differently. I understand and identify better with certain circumstances and situations."
Joyce Shabango, Transnet

"The presentations and the supporting documents were great. I got something other than what I expected out of the course which was excellent! I was more interested in practical power point, however got something else which was exceptionally valuable."
Thulare Monareng, Petusa

"The info that was given was very powerful. Very learningful and hands on."
Marjory Wildschutt, Conservation International

"Everything I learnt here was positive to me. The course does not need improvement."
Celeste Coetzee, Salient Advertising

"It was very learnful workshop. I learnt a lot - to change my behaviour to become more proactive, to be organised, to be more effective in my work, to manage people."
Cara Coetzer, Sasko Grain

"The course in general was great - fantastic, short and very effective."
Feicity Mbokane, Columbus Stainless

"Everything that I have learnt from this course/workshop was very relevant and will definitely be taken back and be used in my working environment and life. Well done to both facilitators."
Samantha Alex, Nedbank

Management and Business Skills for PAs, Secretaries and Office Professionals:

"I have yet to find such highly effective mentors. This course has proved extremely beneficial for me, so much so that I have changed my perceptions towards management, managers and leaders. Highly recommended to all companies to empower their staff. No improvements needed."
Veloshni Naiker, GijimaAst

"Interactive workshop with personal touches! Very interesting and motivational."
Marcela Fredericks, Global IT Alliance, Standard Bank

"Will definitely take back what I was shown – put it into practice."
Vera Naidoo, Novo Nordisk

"Keep up the good work."
Harriet Mafenyeho, Nampower

"Great balance!"
Joan Gouws, Nampower

Project Management Essentials:

"Valuable learning. A very good facilitator - extremely knowledgeable and experienced."
Mohammed Maroof, City of Cape Town

"Very practical. Presenter extremely, knowledgeable. I found the training of a very high standard." 
Marina Clarke, Epilepsy S.A.

"Absolute massive amount of knowledge/tools discussed which can be investigated later."
Alistair Horne, Hybrid Development

"The presentation was excellent!"
John Hameja, CELTEL

"Very informative and enlightening."
Cassim Bassa, Road Accident Fund

"All excellent."
Coleen Diggins, Afrisam S.A.

Getting things done with Microsoft Outlook and other Productivity Tools:

"Learnt so much. I thought  I knew Outlook – this course taught me more."
Caroline van Waardhuizen, Standard Bank

"Everything was relevant – can't wait to get busy."
Patricia de Kock, Standard Bank

"I learnt shortcuts that will save me a lot of time. I can do things much quicker now and also clear my inbox easily."
Cheralyn Andrew, Standard Bank

"Provided me with new insights."
Faan Geyser, Formento Consultants

"It made me take stock of myself in terms of my productivity."
A. Moosa, Octagon

"Learned how to be more productive."
Hannes Labuschagne, Falcon Shopfitters

"This will help one to be more productive at the workplace."
Ernest Warkus, Falcon Shopfitters

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