EE Training
Our customised EE workshops have been run for hundreds of clients. These workshops, as well our templates, are refined continuously so as to ensure maximum benefit to our clients.

EE Compliance
Acquire one or more of our different EE Compliance Packages to assist you to comply fully with the EE Act and do your EE Reporting yourself.

EE Goal Setting Tool
Equity Pro is a cutting edge software application, which assists employers with the setting of achievable EE Goals. Equity Pro facilitates the completion of the EEA2 and EEA4 for submission to the DoL.

Strategic EE Transformation
Turning Employment Equity Transformation to your Business Advantage

EES-SIYAKHA is the leading strategic EE transformation consultancy in South Africa. EES-SIYAKHA’s expertise, know-how, skills, methodologies and tools are built on 18 years of focusing on turning EE transformation to its clients’ business advantage. 

Features of EES-SIYAKHA’s approach
  • Proper scoping of our clients’ EE transformation strategy and road map, using sound business principles.
  • An EE Transformation Framework Model setting out how EE transformation is going to be managed, including the establishment of an EE Management Structure.
  • The setting of realistic and achievable EE Goals, based on proper Workforce Planning principles, in line with B-BBEE EE Targets and EE Act requirements, using a unique software application, Equity Pro.
  • The strategic barrier analysis (Section 19(a) of the Act) of Employment Policies, Procedures, Practices and the Working Environment.
  • The development of practical and implementable (affirmative) action steps in the EE Plan, which will create the optimal enabling environment necessary of effective EE transformation.
  • Customised tools and applications to measure and assess clients’ implementation of their EE transformation, including an option for clients to acquire Equity Pro, which facilitates EE Goals management.
  • High-level and structured training and support, which ensure that all EE role players understand and perform their tasks.


EES-SIYAKHA is a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor
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