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Evaluations and Feedback


EE Reporting:

"My brain is very full, but wow did I get help in the right direction!"
Robyn Barnes, Advance Net

"All my needs were met."
Brenda Lomberg, Simba

"The whole subject was covered and I learnt a lot. Will be able to apply it at my work place. Time allocation was good as all was covered as per expectations."
Madimabe Lehonono Hamese, PSA

"All was relevant and valuable. Very empowering for someone who has to start compiling EE Reports."
Madeleine Labuschagne, Trivector

"It was very interesting, Thank you."
Jestine, IEMAS

"Very good workshop. I liked the interaction and relaxed atmosphere."
Cornel Malan, Xstrata Alloys

"Very beneficial."
Roy Barnett, Q Competence

"Everything was beneficial to me. Thank you for a presentation that has enlightened me. My job henceforth should be easier, though still challenging."
Thuli Masuku, Drake and Scull

"As a first timer in filling in the EE Reporting papers, I am sure that I now fully understand how to fill in the form."
Dorothy Brookstein, Kentz

"Well presented and knowledge wanted was gained."
Paul Smit, Pro Group Pharmacies

"Very informative. Excellent presentation. Facilitator well informed - subject matter expert with good facilitation skills and excellent knowledge."
Victoria Chabangu, ERWAT

"Very practical and received the  necessary tools to complete the report."
Andries du Plessis, PH Projects

"Clearer insight into EE. Learned a lot from other delegates’ perspectives. I feel more capable getting involved in the full process. I feel much more positive."
Adeline Findlay, The Workforce Group

"Good overview – covered all topics. Very patient facilitator and good group interaction."
Samantha Labuschagne, SAMCOL


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