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Evaluations and Feedback
Customised, in-house workshops and seminars

"My needs were met; Nice course, I don’t mind doing it again; Learn more about the financial side of how companies work; For a person without any financial background I learn a lot; Workbook is user-friendly to keep afterwards. Practical exercises; Good examples used. Not much financial lingo used during presentation which helped and was explained; The complex accounting issues were made simple; The course was well explained; Give me a better understanding of how to read and understand finances and planning thereof; Learnt a lot about percentages that I did not understand before"
Gold Reef City: Finance for Non-Financial Managers

"Learnt lots of new stuff - impressive; All was very informative; Brilliant facilitator, Fantastic experience;  Thank you and all the best; Insightful and thought-provoking; The course content was very relevant and the facilitator presented well; Thank you for an insightful day and for equipping with relevant skills to correctly from our organisation; Great workshop which will inevitably assist us in recruiting the right skills for the organisation - we have all benefited immensely"
Trade and Investment (KZN): Recruitment and Selection Workshop

"Excellent course; Very informative and constructive training. Recommend that more of the staff members should attend this training; Presenter very professional and knowledgeable; Perhaps increase duration of the course. Make the final assessment one that has to be submitted for marks, usually students take more away when their work is marked; The course coverage met my expectations; Very good presentation; The training as very informative, as it has equipped me with additional report writing skills; Excellent course; The course was fantastic and educational; It was an excellent course! I really enjoyed it. The best course I have attended yet; The workshop was very useful and it really improved my writing skills; I would like to have another advanced course!!! Job well done. Keep it up; I think the training should also be structured to include the linguistic aspects; Excellent course and excellently presented; I need to work on my grammar, to improve the quality of my reports; The course was informative and it will improve my technical and analytical writing"
Eskom: Analytical and Technical Report Writing

"The presenter was able to align the different skills and experience with Excel and Finance of the delegates and bring them to the same level. Well done! The workshop was very important for us; The workshop was interesting because we learnt many things that will help us to work in Excel (it will help us to reduce the time of doing a job, in my view we should spent more time on financial statements and in scenarios analysis; The course was really good for me and for my colleagues"
"We had opportunity to learn how to use and apply new tools from Excel, how to simplify jobs by using a combination of different tools, how to prepare budgets and financially analyse what we have been doing on our daily activities; The workshop was really good for me and I think for all attendees. We had chance to learn more tools and to know how to prepare budgets, do an analysis and other issues"
"In general the workshop was welcome and very fruitful and the presenter was very clear. Through it was mostly finance, accounting and budgeting models it gave me a very good view and strong ground to continue searching and training to consolidate what I learnt; I think that in some way all of us deal with finance and accounting and will be making use of the models; In general the workshop was very interesting because I increased my knowledge on Excel use, especially on how to build models, how to analyze budget models, principles of finance and many more using excel ribbon tabs. I suggest that next time we have workshops like this we spend more time on it, for example to spend 3 to 4 days focusing on one subject"

Companhia Do Pipeline Mozambique - Zimbabwe Limitada (CPMZ)

"Excellent course and is beneficial. I hope more people can be trained to improve on leadership and discipline skills and the understanding of Labour Law; I think training like this one will help us to grow in our positions and also to grow as a company. So I think we need more of such training - well done!"
"We should have more  of these interventions to boost our confidence and professionalism in applying our minds on a day-to-day basis to ensure that our practices and principles are adhered to and to make DHL an employee of choice for every one currently employed by DHL and for those who still want to become part of the DHL family; I think this kind of workshop is needed of every six months at least to refresh our knowledge also because there are lots of procedure that get to be implemented every now and then, so we really need to be aware of those kind of changes every time; This is a important course to make somebody understand that we need discipline in the workplace and what are the procedures and preparation. I would suggest a refresher course on this IR course"

DHL, Implementing Discipline with Confidence in the Workplace

"The course was way excellent I benefit a lot; I think it will be good and great if the presentation skills refresher course can be done on weekly basis throughout the year;
Delegates said that the workshop was very good and they would certainly appreciate a refresher on the same a year from now"

Zulac: Presentation Skills Workshop

"Very well presented; It would be good if lower levels could also get this course; The workshop was informative and equipping. It was an eye-opener which has given a tremendous light on the subject; This was excellent training"
Empilweni Payout Services: Diversity Management

"This was a wonderful workshop for me. I have learned a lot; My suggestion is to give more time because is so interesting but you cannot know things in two days, it really improved our knowledge and experience - very good; It was a wonderful workshop, did learn a lot, the presenter was wonderful; The health and safely ideas shown was very educational, also to understand that every employee is responsible for others' safely and his own safely. The training and the way the course was explained was excellent"
DHL: Basic Warehouse Management Principles

"Highly recommended; The workshop was very informative; It is a very informative workshop. Wish we had more time/engagement/discussions; This type of course should be arranged for other workers as well as general workers; The workshop was very informative and we hope it will bring change in our organisation. We use the information to implement PMS effectively; The system/course is good but will need commitment from all to be a success and has to be monitored constantly; The presenter had knowledge and is clear and wants his audience to understand clearly; The workshop was an eye-opener to me, I now understand the importance of a performance management system; Lets have such training yearly"
MADC: Performance Management Workshop

"Would like to keep in touch with the service provider for future needs; Training was an eye-opener; I wish that the facilitator could help with our performance contracts; Very good and the most exciting course I have attended"
Performance Management

"Valuable information that has been an eye-opener; Presenter was very informative and has given us most needed skills and knowledge to implement this system; Good Great lecturing. Easy to understand and has a lot that he can teach us; This workshop was very educative; We require guidance from the facilitator/ presenter in implementing the system for at least the first year"
MADC: Performance Management Workshop

“We would like to thank you for all the efforts made to ensure that the Implementing Discipline with Confidence workshop was successful. According to the delegates, the information acquired was very important for the success of our institution The presenter was very well informed and good in responding to all the queries raised by the delegates. We hope and trust that you keep your standards as high as it is for the good of the development of all the institutions in our country.”
Pani Medupe, Free State Legislature: Implementing Discipline with Confidence in the Workplace

"This event gave everyone an overview of what is happening in each and every department (from viewing, warehousing to dispatch) in order to produce a workforce with fewer problems; This event taught us a lot mostly on what we normally do daily and we also saw where we were going wrong as a company; I learnt how to improve my knowledge at the workplace and to find more development solutions; This event opened our eyes; I have learnt a lot. Some of the topics were very useful to me to fulfil my job; This was an eye-opener for all of us at Macmillan distribution side. Warehouse layout, receiving methods, training cycle, systematic planning, all was wonderful; It was brilliant, no complaints; If we can have training like this maybe twice a year it will be good for the benefit of the employer and employee."
Macmillan (Swaziland): Basic Warehouse Management Principles

"Everything was excellent; This was a good training section which made me think broadly about operations and management; This was really good; Information shared has been very helpful in understanding the why’s and how’s of my everyday life at my workplace; This was very interesting and I found out important things"
DHL: Basic Warehouse Management Principles

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