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Evaluations and Feedback
Client Testimonials: Consulting, EE Training and related workshops

We would hereby like to confirm the excellent services rendered by EES-SIYAKHA during the past months in regard to the revision of the NWU’s Employment Equity Plan as well as a general Human Resource Best Practice audits.

During this process EES-SIYAKHA assisted the NWU by means of well-structured training programmes for management and other key stakeholders to empower them to strategically plan the way forward for Employment Equity at the NWU. This included facilitation of various key aspects of the amended Employment Equity Act, as well as the Regulations to the Act, specifically in regard to the drafting of the Employment Equity Plan as well as effective consultation on, and monitoring of numerical and non-numerical targets.

In addition to Employment Equity planning, we were also assisted with a Human Resource Best Practice Audit, where key policies, procedures as well as practices were analyse to determine effectiveness, relevancy as well as fairness and how it could make a contribution to effective Employment Equity transformation. From this we were able to draft as structured, prioritised action list for revision of policies and procedures to adhere to Human Resource Best Practice.
The outcomes of our relationship with in EES-SIYAKHA includes, but is not limited to:

  • NWU Employment Equity Policy and Procedure
  • The NWU Employment Equity Plan
  • Employment Equity Goals Management Policy
  • Affirmative Action Measures
  • Consolidated Audit Findings on Best Practice
  • Employment Equity and Skills Development Policy Statement
  • Terms of Reference for Consultation structures
  • Steps and Interventions for EE Plan implementation
  • Reporting Templates for effective EE Monitoring
  • Communication Strategy

We would recommend the services of as EES-SIYAKHA professional and of the highest quality, adding value to any organisation.
Zaan Strydom, Employment Equity Specialist: NWU

Once again, a gracious thank you for the all the professional, efficient and excellent service and, not to mention product, that you and your organisation, EES-SIYAKHA, has delivered in facilitating the conducting of Gauteng Office of the Premier’s EE Analysis and development of its EE Plan.

I speak on behalf of the team when I say that we have learned and grew as HR Practitioners, due to us interacting with your associates John Dickerson and Jan Munnik.

We have a quality and high standard product, which is easily implementable and can be adjusted in-house. We will most certainly build on this relationship, as we expand ourselves into becoming “Best Practice”: HR Practitioners.
Merles Motlhabane, Director: Internal Human Resources Management, Office of the Premier

Hesto Harnesses is one of the biggest employers in KZN with 1600 employees. In 2010 the organization engaged the services of EES-SIYAKHA to assist with:

  • Employment Equity procedural and substantive compliance
  • Transformation of the organization
  • Integrate Employment Equity and BBBEE strategy to meet the shareholders and customer requirements
  • Implement best HR practices

The following benefits were derived from the project:

  • Hesto has complied with the EE requirements
  • Hesto to date has employed 24 employees with disabilities
  • Hesto has established a Transformation Committee which oversees all transformation issues
  • As a result of the transformation activities, management and labour relations have improved
  • Hesto has implemented the best HR practices and this has added value to production , labour efficiency and productivity has improved
  • Hesto’s BBBEE score has improved significantly, currently sitting at 70.88, Level 4
  • Hesto has met the customers BBBEE requirement
  • Hesto’s transformation activities and commitment has improved shareholders' value

EES-SIYAKHA has delivered the desired results for Hesto and are highly recommended for businesses faced with transformation challenges.
Advocate Sbu Ngcobo, HR Director, Hesto Harnesses

The Electoral Commission has made use of EES-SIYAKHA to assist with its Employment Equity process and the development of an Employment Equity Plan. The Electoral Commission has also made use of EES-SIYAKHA in other areas such as Performance Management Training and Selection and Recruitment Training. It has been a rewarding experience for all parties involved!
E. Düring, Manager: Human Resources, IEC

Gauteng Legislature engaged EES-SIYAKHA on matters relating to EE and Transformation. This relationship has been characterised by good ethical relationship driven with absolute professionalism, excellent understanding of transformational issues and benchmarks as well as the willingness to advice on current issues and developments in HR practices. Gauteng Legislature will definitely continue to have links with EES-SIYAKHA to ensure that its processes are among the best in the country.
Sipho Malefane, Director: Institutional Support Services, Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Our experience with EES-SIYAKHA has so far been one of a high degree of professionalism. Pre-preparation was extensive and materials used were straightforward and applicable to our purpose. They have extensive knowledge of all EE aspects, as well as what is required to make transformation successful. They use the basis and method of best Human Resources practices suitable for an organisation.

In consecutive sessions, the contents of the workshop as well as the outcomes were commended by both management and employer organisations alike. We certainly recommend the services of EES-SIYAKHA to any organisation that has to deal with the same or similar issues as outlined above without hesitation.
Anton Scheppel, Manager: Labour Relations, North West University

One word only – BRILLIANT!! Thank you for a job really well done!!
Greg Schwarp, Head of POS Logistics, Corporate Transactional Banking, FNB

I just want to thank you for an excellent workshop last week.  I not only learnt a lot but also thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and the way you handled them.  Absolutely excellent two days!!
Karen Redelinghuys,
Office of the Vice-Principal, UNISA, Department: Diversity Management, Equity and Transformation

The Presidency has made use of the services of EES-SIYAKHA to assist the Office with its Employment Equity obligations. In this regard, the EE Forum was trained into the understanding of the EE and its requirements. Also, through facilitation, the Forum was able to establish for The Presidency all the structures, roles and processes required to achieve EE transformation.

n addition to the above, the EES-SIYAKHA also assisted the Forum in conducting audits to identify barriers which have now formed the basis of our operational EE Plan. Without reservation I recommend EES-SIYAKHA to any company that may require their services in the area of Employment Equity.
Senior Manager: Employment Equity in The Presidency

EES-SIYAKHA consultants were contracted by our organisation to facilitate a number of interventions. They worked with us to complete our Employment Equity Action Plan and offered a very detailed and comprehensive approach. This has already made a significant difference and added substantial value to our organisation.

I have found the EES-SIYAKHA approach based on the simple philosophy of keeping the customers need as number one and that their Leadership Team is 100% involved in the both planning and execution phase of any project. Everyone is easy accessible and nothing is too much trouble. The most important aspect for us being a public entity is that their rates are very favourable compared to other similar providers.
TJ van der Merwe, HR Manager, Services Seta

EES-SIYAKHA has done Employment Equity and Transformation projects for three of our companies: Smiths Plastics, Automould and Hesto Harnessess. EES-SIYAKHA has made it easy, not only from the Department of Labour compliance side but also from the business competitiveness point of view. The training and facilitation received by all managers (including Executives) and EE Committees have contributed in shaping our HR culture for all our companies and also improved our productivity.

EES-SIYAKHA has further assisted our companies in aligning our EE strategy to our BBBEE Strategy. As a result our companies have managed to meet our customers BBBEE requirement. In light of the above and as part of our business strategy, our EXCO has taken a decision to retain EES-SIYAKHA to assist with the management of EE, BBBEE and Transformation projects. I will not hesitate to recommend EES-SIYAKHA for future business to any organization in light of the contribution they have made in our business.
Advocate Sbu Ngcobo, HR Director

The facilitator was so good that it would be difficult to identify areas for improvement. He knew almost every aspect of HR, especially EE. The entire training course was an eye opener. This is one course that I feel honoured to have included in my training plan, as a means to get EE transformation going, and which is inclusive of all racial groups. Thank you John, and EES-SIYAKHA, well done!
Eastern Cape Development Corporation

The training was excellent. I would advise that other dti employees who are interested in the know-how and understanding of EE attend the training, especially those involved with recruitment. I liked the practical examples given and the applicability of the course. It clearly outlined the EE transformation issues and provided a holistic view of how EE fits in and affects transformation as a whole. I especially appreciated the fact that everybody participated in the training and all the professional advice given.
Department of Industry and Trading

Keep up the good work. South Africa needs companies of your calibre to run transformation workshops.
Themba Mangcaka, SANParks

Sasol Mining sourced the services of EES-SIYAKHA consultancy from 2002 until 2003. Their scope was draw an Employment Equity Plan Audit and come up with recommendations for implementation. The plan was for the period 2003 to 2008.
We were very satisfied with their level of professionalism, knowledge around Employment Equity and transformational issues. We are still using their recommended Human Resource Best Practices model to address our employee development.

We were very satisfied to be associated with them during the period and continued to maintain our relationship for continuous update on transformational matters. Their delivery method in writing recommendations for senior management team was of the highest quality and how standard throughout the process. We are still implementing some of the recommendations they have made, to address the compliance to legislation.
P.J.Tsiane, Manager HR and Mining Charter, Human Resources Department, Sasol Mining

Overall the workshop was very beneficial to the Committee. Thank you for the volumes of valuable information! Very well presented!
Imperial Bank

Provided a clear structure, guidelines and empowerment for the EE Committee to make a valuable contribution to transformation.
Phillips SA

Thank you. The two days were extremely beneficial and worthwhile. The GH team will definitely move from strength to strength.
Goedehoop Colliery, Anglovaal

The course gave me an overall understanding of how to implement an effective EE Plan successfully and provided clarity on the structure of the EE Committee and the roles of the members, which was needed. It provided in-depth information about EE and why EE is so important. I especially enjoyed the group interaction and discussions. We learnt what we should have three years ago. Need more similar training in future!
AMPATH, EE Education Committee Training

This was an excellent presentation. We would like more on the subject. The presentation provided a clear understanding of the difference between BEE and EE and insight into BEE, EE and AA and the importance of implementation, as well as the reasons, by looking at the bigger picture, why it is necessary to change. Thank you, Jan.

We approached EES-SIYAKHA this year to conduct the above workshop to designated employees of Imperial Bank Ltd who were elected onto the Employment Equity Committee. EES-SIYAKHA has previously conducted workshops for Imperial Bank.
Collectively, our team now has a tabled and defined EE Transformation Vision, Structure and Process, Policy and Procedure for a structured and consultative EE transformation process, which has been signed by our CEO.

Our facilitator, Jan Munnik, approached the learning intervention with integrity and honesty. His ability to interact and draw information from the delegates was a key critical success factor and was instrumental in the success of the workshop. He is a subject matter expert and ability to instill confidence. We have no hesitation in recommending EES-SIYAKHA as a professional, excellent service provider.
Raj Sookmungal, EE Officer and Sandy Adams, Skills Development Manager, Imperial Bank

This company has recently retained the services of the consulting organization EES-SIYAKHA to assist us with the further development of our Employment Equity programme. We found their approach to be helpful and practical and their knowledge about Employment Equity, both the legal and operational requirement, impressive. All aspects of the service they provided us was certainly of the highest standard. Should the opportunity arise, we will be more than happy to recommend their retention for similar services to any other employer.
Stewart Murray, Managing Director, MiTek Industries South Africa

EES-SIYAKHA was appointed by Alexander Forbes Financial Services Division, a division of Alexander Forbes Group during May and June 2005 to assist with the training of the EE Forum. The Forum is consultative body which has obligations imposed by the EE Act. Amongst others, the role of the Forum is to play as the primary agent in the Transformation Process within Alexander Forbes Financial Services (AFFS). EES-SIYAKHA demonstrated a high level of professionalism and extensive knowledge of EE in conducting the training to make EE Transformation a success in AFFS.

They have also painstakingly demonstrated their capability with best HR practices and ability to work with all levels of people in AFFS. Given the above, I would particularly like to comment that there is no doubt that they are highly regarded as one of the few leading experts and pioneers in the understanding and execution of EE programmes of South Africa.
T.Thelma Ngcobo, Head of Human Resources, AFFS


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