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BEE Seminar

Day 1 is a comprehensive short course for the BEE/Transformation/HR Manager on the requirements of the Dti Codes of Good Practice for BEE, including theory, discussion, guidance and examples regarding the calculation of the BEE scorecards for EME, QSE, specialist and Generic enterprises.

Day 2 is aimed at those persons who have a good knowledge of BEE and the rules of the game (as well as Day 1 attendees), and who would like to get some insight into Best Practice BEE Strategies (of the different elements) and how to take things forward in their organisations.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • CEOs/MDs/Directors/COOs/Corporate Strategists
  • Transformation Managers/BEE Managers
  • General/Senior/Financial Managers
  • EE Managers/ HR Managers/Practitioners/Officers
  • Procurement Managers
Course outcomes

At the end of this course you will have a detailed understanding of: 

  • The nature and requirements of each of the seven scorecard elements
  • The requirements to be met for each scorecard element
  • The targets to be achieved under each scorecard element
  • The calculations required for each scorecard element
  • How to calculate the BEE scorecard of an enterprise
  • How to prepare your organisation for verifications
  • How to develop your BEE Strategy and implement it


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