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Fees per delegate
R1 250 (excl VAT)

Attendance Certificates will be issued and the cost of the workshop can be claimed as Skills Development and Procurement points for B-BBEE.

Quotes from EES-SIYAKHA clients and workshop delegates

Excellent packaging of the EE Plan components, from the EE Plan, preperation, planning,monitoring, etc. A very practical approach. The workshop made it easy for the win-win approach to transformation - role players will know what is expected. Abundant information provided to make things easy.
Patrick Zondo, Fidility Security Group

I just want to thank you for an excellent workshop last week.  I not only learnt a lot but also thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and the way you handled them. Absolutely excellent two days!
Karen Redelinghuys, Office of the Vice-Principal, UNISA

I realised that although we practice some of the aspects covered, the course was able to give us far more insight on how we can improve and implement things. The workshop served as an essential tool – when we go back to our company we can advise further and share the valuable information with others. I value being able to have a much clearer picture and feasible measures on how to set realistic targets, and achieve them.
Siyabulela Bilatyi-Smous, Assmang-Khumani Mine

Half-day webinar: 11 August 2020

Preparing for your next EE Plan: The development of meaningful AA Measures

Enquiries: Phone Mathe Peete on +27 78 031 3898 or e-mail

A designated Employer’s Affirmative Action measures is potentially the biggest gamechanger in bringing about transformation in the workplace and increasing an employer’s Management Control score on the B-BBEE scorecard.  

In order for them to have any impact on Workplace Transformation they need to meet two important criteria.

The first is that they are required to remove the barriers to the advancement of persons from designated identified in the Section 19 Analysis. The second is that they should adhere to the SMART principle, namely specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.
They further need to meet the requirements of the EE Act and Regulations.

This webinar will address all the above issues and empower you to draw meaningful AA Measures for your next EE Plan. 

Preparing for your next EE Plan: The development of meaningful AA Measures

8.30 – 9.00

Preparation: Familiarisation with Zoom, going through programme and preparing list of Barriers Analysis Challenges and Course Expectations

9.00 – 10.30

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Participants’ AA Measures challenges and expectations 
  • Aspects of the EE Act as amended relevant to Barriers Analysis:
    • Affirmative Action and its purpose
    • AA Measures
    • The duties of the employer:
        • Consultation
        • Matters for Consultation
        • The EE Plan and development of AA Measures
        • Provisions in the EEA12 and EEA13 with regard to AA Measures and Objectives

10.30 – 10.35

Tea/coffee fetching/ body break

10.35 – 12.30

  • Understanding what an employer needs to do in practice to comply
    • AA Measures and Non-Numerical Goals
        • The relationship between barriers findings and the development of AA Measures
        • The intended purpose of AA Measures
        • Practical examples and exercises by subject-matter expert that will improve understanding of the development and formulation of AA Measures and Non-Numerical Goals
        • Practical exercise to improve understanding of how AA Measures should be formulated
        • Practical samples of AA Measures
        • Determination of time frames and responsibilities
  • Record keeping for DoL visits or reviews
  • What DoL Inspectors will be looking out for   




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