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Fees per delegate
R1 250 (excl VAT)

Attendance Certificates will be issued and the cost of the workshop can be claimed as Skills Development and Procurement points for B-BBEE.

Quotes from EES-SIYAKHA clients and workshop delegates

I appreciated the genuine manner in which the content was delivered. It was not pretentious or just for political correctness. The 'common sense' in the methodology was just mind blowing! I was actively engaged every minute. Pertinent issues dealt with.
Prashanta Motilal, Grindrod Management Services

Very informative - most interesting - very enjoyable, good speakers. Gave a good insight to as how many things relate to BEE and EE and other areas. The interaction between people was great. Thank you for two wonderful days. Margarett Ter Beest, DHL Global

Excellent packaging of the EE Plan components, from the EE Plan, preperation, planning,monitoring, etc. A very practical approach. The workshop made it easy for the win-win approach to transformation - role players will know what is expected. Abundant information provided to make things easy.
Patrick Zondo, Fidility Security Group

Half-day webinar
How to effectively monitor and evaluate your EE Plan and its implementation

Enquiries: Phone Mathe Peete on +27 78 031 3898 or e-mail Mathe

Whilst the EE Act requires an employer to consult with workforce representatives regarding the implementation of its EE Plan and to state in its EE Plan the persons in the workforce responsible for monitoring and implementing the Plan, the EE Act, Codes and Regulations are silent on how an employer is to do so and manage its EE transformation.

To effectively monitor and evaluate the implementation of its EE Plan a Designated Employer needs to put in place at least the following:       

  1. The establishment of a special transformation (management) structure.
  2. Develop and prepare an EE Reporting Template to be used for monitoring and evaluation of EE
  3. Institutionalise the management of EE transformation.

This webinar will deal with each of the above aspects and provide participants with the necessary insight on the structures, processes and tools required for the effective implementation of its EE Plan. 

Effectively Implementing, and Monitoring and Evaluating your EE Plan implementation

8.30 – 9.00 Preparation: Familiarisation with Zoom, going through programme and preparing list of Barriers Analysis Challenges and Course Expectations
9.00 – 10.30
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Participants’ EE Monitoring and Evaluation challenges and expectations 
  • Aspects of the EE Act as amended relevant to Monitoring and Evaluation:
    • The duties of the employer:
        • Consultation
        • Matters for Consultation
          • Implementation of the Employment Equity Plan
        • EE Plan requirements as per the Act
          • Implementation
          • Procedures to monitor and evaluate implementation
        • Provisions in the EEA13 with regard to monitoring and evaluation
10.30 – 10.35 Tea/coffee fetching/body break
10.35 – 12.30
  • Understanding what an employer needs to do in practice to comply
    • Implementation of the EE Plan
        • Need for AA Measures and Objectives Project Plan each year
        • Division of responsibility between implementation, and monitoring and evaluation
        • The need for real time identification of underrepresented groups and how technology and the application of EE Goals Management procedures can be used to implement EE Numerical Goals 
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
        • The role of the EE Committee/Forum (‘EEC’) in monitoring and evaluating
        • Composition and establishment of EEC
        • The need for (an) EE Management Structure(s), their role and function
        • The role of EE Reporting Templates in Managing EE
        • EE Reporting Templates
        • Monitoring, Evaluation, Communication and Reporting
        • Documenting monitoring and evaluation mechanisms
        • Institutionalisation of EE Management
  • Record keeping for DoL visits or reviews
  • What DoL Inspectors and D-G will be looking out for and the EEA 7
  • Powers of the D-G of the DoL in the event of non-implementation of the EE Plan    
12.30 Closure
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