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Business Writing and Communication Skills

The ability to communicate information and findings effectively is a key skill. By mastering the skills of planning, structuring and writing you will possess an additional competence that is valuable to yourself and your organisation’s business development.

Workshop outcomes include

  • Write with conviction to enhance your proposals and promote your competitive advantage
  • Reinforce your argument and convey your point of view concisely and persuasively
  • Produce more effective, professional reports and proposals which truly address your clients’ and colleagues’ needs
  • Ensure your proposals create a polished, sophisticated impression
  • Understand how to vary words, tone and structure to achieve desired results
  • Control grammar and punctuation to improve credibility
  • Develop a structured checklist summary for implementation in the workplace
  • Structure, write, proofread and edit all documents effectively – from emails to reports, proposals, strategic plans and presentation
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