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Diversity Management
A unique and exciting approach to address diversity issues in the workplace in a non-threatening, fun and exciting way

This two-day interactive and experiential workshop combines an interactive and experiential approach with lecturettes, videos, small group discussion and problem-solving activities.

For various reasons, the management of diversity is critical in all South African organisations. The changing South African reality demands the inclusion and the development of all people. It therefore becomes imperative that issues of diversity (e.g. Race, Gender, Class, Culture) be addressed in a productive way. The activities in this programme are meant to bring that about.

Course outcomes include

  • An understanding of diversity and multi-cultural issues
  • Exploring personal mindsets that may hinder processes that facilitate productive diversity exchange
  • Identification of critical diversity challenges and issues that affect personal and organisational effectiveness
  • An understanding that the restructuring of productive mindsets can be achieved through empathic and non-threatening ways


Day 1

Why Diversity Matters

  • What is Diversity?
  • Business Reasons for Valuing and Managing Diversity
  • Understanding People

Race as a Diversity Indicator

  • Reacting to Discrimination: Labeling
  • Our Past has influenced us
  • Bias, Prejudice, Stereotypes and Other –ismsl
  • Video: A Class Divided

Day 2

Exploring Gender Mindsets

  • What is Gender?
  • Gender Roles – How do we get to assume different gender roles and the consequences for men/women
  • Gender Issues in the workplace

Productive Culture Mindsets

  • What is Culture?
  • Cultural Differences
  • Cross-Cultural Communication

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