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Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Finance and Budgets for the Public and Private Sector

Background and need for seminar

  • To provide professional education to business managers to enable them to interpret and analyse financial reports prepared by accountants.
  • To improve the decision-making ability of business managers through an understanding of these financial reports and to select or create the relevant internal and external information applicable to the decision(s) at hand.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Non-Financial Managers in the private and public sectors of the country
  • Accounting assistants, accountants, financial managers, business owners, operations managers, production managers.

The topics that will be covered are the following:

  • Types of business entities
  • Understanding the Balance sheet, Income Statement and Cashflow Statement
  • Ratio analysis and interpretation of the financial statements
  • Management of Working Capital
  • Cost and Revenue Structures and Business Profitability
  • Introduction to Budgeting and Profit planning
  • Net Present Value and Capital Budgeting techniques
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