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Implementing Discipline with Confidence in the Workplace
Two-day seminar on implementing discipline without infringing labour law


Day 1: Progressive Discipline - Optimizing employee conduct and performance without infringing labour law

Learn how to implement day-to-day discipline with confidence and expertise that promotes employee respect for management rules, reduces disciplinary hearings and minimizes losses at the CCMA, bargaining councils and Labour Court.

Days 2: Preparing for Disciplinary Hearings - Developing the highly complex skill of preparing your case

The chairperson of a disciplinary hearing is not allowed to find the employee guilty or to fire him unless you, as the prosecutor/complainant, provide sufficient and clear proof that the employee is guilty of an offence serious enough to merit dismissal. If the employee is fired without such proof then the CCMA or bargaining council can reinstate the employee with full back pay.

It is therefore essential for all managers and officials who prosecute at disciplinary hearings to develop the highly complex skill of preparing the evidence necessary to prove the case against the employee.

Day 1

An understanding of:

  • The employer’s precarious position when taken to the CCMA or bargaining council
  • The common and costly mistakes that employers make and how to avoid them
  • The importance of ensuring correctness when implementing day-to-day discipline
  • The laws of discipline and dismissal
  • The requirements for procedurally and substantively fair warnings, counseling and other disciplinary measures
  • How to implement progressive corrective action and get employees to take responsibility for self-discipline

Day 2

An understanding of:

  • The dangers inherent in implementing discipline and dismissal
  • The procedural rights of the employee
  • The disciplinary process to be followed
  • Effective investigation of allegations
  • How to formulate the disciplinary charges
  • How to prepare the case documents and other evidence
  • How to prepare witnesses
  • How to prepare for cross-examination
  • How to combine all evidence to ensure a successful case at a disciplinary hearing


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