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Fees per delegate
R1 250 (excl VAT)

Attendance Certificates will be issued and the cost of the workshop can be claimed as Skills Development and Procurement points for B-BBEE.

Quotes from EES-SIYAKHA clients and workshop delegates

The presenter was very insightful and shared valuable information towards achieving successful EE transformation. Clear fair methods of setting goals that can be defended and support are an area that I was never exposed to before. Excellent method. Jane Gerling, Continental Coal

Very well presented; excellent and relevant information. Very practical and well structured presentation. Chrissi Smith, Lonmin Platinum

Half-day webinar
Preparing for your next EE Plan: Developing a user-friendly and practical EE Plan

Enquiries: Phone Mathe Peete on +27 78 031 3898 or e-mail Mathe

In 2014 the DoL issued new Regulations which included the EEA 13, described therein as a “Template for Employment Equity Plan in terms of Section 20 of the Act”.
Whilst the EEA13 template is an extremely useful instrument for fulfilling its purpose, namely to ensure Designated Employers’ EE Plans comply with the requirements of Section 20, it is only a Template, and in fact very user unfriendly in contextualising the Plan and how it was developed, and in serving as a practical implementation tool. It furthermore omits certain critical legal requirements such as strategies in support of Numerical Goals and Non-Numerical Goals.   

This webinar has been designed to assist participants to develop user friendly EE Plan, based on the Template, but which addresses all the above inadequacies of the EEA13.

Preparing for your next EE Plan: Developing a user-friendly and practical EE Plan

8.30 – 9.00 Preparation: Familiarisation with Zoom, going through programme and preparing list of Barriers Analysis Challenges and Course Expectations
9.00 – 10.30
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Participants’ EE Plan challenges and expectations 
  • Aspects of the EE Act as amended relevant to the development of the EE Plan:
    • The duties of the employer:
        • Consultation
        • Matters for Consultation
        • The Preparation of the Employment Equity Plan
    • EE Plan requirements as per the Act
    • EEA13 Template
    • Identifying deficiencies in the EEA13 Template (exercise)
10.30 – 10.35 Tea/coffee fetching/body break
10.35 – 12.30
  • The EE Plan
    • Desirability of using EEA13 for EE Plan
    • Introduction to EE Plan
    • Inclusion of what was done in order to develop the EE Plan   
    • Objectives for each year of the Plan
    • Non-Numerical Goals
    • Strategies in Support of Numerical Goals
        • EE Goals Management Policy
        • Other strategies to identify and prepare talent
    • Senior Managers responsible
    • Monitoring and evaluation procedures
    • Dispute Resolution Procedures
    • Practical example of what and EE Plan should look like
  • Record keeping for DoL visits or reviews
  • What DoL Inspectors will be looking out for
12.30 Closure
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