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Maximising Employee Retention
Using a Best Practice EE Transformation Strategy to achieve World Class Retention

Employee retention is one of the most critical issue facing organisations today. Retention of your best and most desirable employees is a key challenge – especially if they are black. This workshop is designed to provide employers, executives, managers, and human resource professionals with valuable insight into the critical success factors for high staff retention, its costs and benefits, and a strategy to help you build loyalty and retain your key employees, including whose appointment and advancement will assist to achieve EE Targets.

Attend this highly interactive workshop and benefit by:

  • Avoiding the high costs of employee turnover by implementing a world-class retention programme
  • Learning how to structure a competitive remuneration structure for your top performing staff
  • Understanding Human Capital Supply Chain Management Best Practice and its relationship with high retention rates
  • Understanding the relevance of an optimal enabling environment and its elements
  • Learning how to track employee turnover as a tool to manage retention
  • Identifying what is required to ensure high employee retention
  • Understanding what a Best EE Transformation Strategy involves 
  • Learning how to implement a Best EE Transformation Strategy to achieve high employee retention

Day 1

  • Investigating High Employee Retention Rates and the its benefits in the context of BEE
  • Facilitation of the Identification of the Critical Success Factors for your World Class Retention Strategy
  • Measuring the Cost and Benefits of Retention
  • Best Practice Remuneration Strategy for World Class Retention
  • Human Capital Value Chain Management Best Practice and its Relevance to Retention

Day 2

  • Ten Critical Success Factors to an optimal enabling environment
  • EE Transformation and Retention Best Practice
  • How to implement the critical success factors for world class retention using a Best Practice EE Transformation Strategy as a vehicle
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