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The Performance Management Challenge
Making it work

This two-day workshop provides external grounding for line managers and exposure to best HR Practice, which will significantly ease their performance management task.

Course outcomes include

  • An understanding of the complexity of a full Performance Management programme.
  • The identification of the building blocks and “OD Processes” that must be in place for PMS to succeed.
  • Knowledge of the different “models” of PMS and their benefits.
  • Insights into the different processes and principles that can be included in a PMS and how to select these.
  • Clear identification of the knowledge and skills needed for a manager to be a competent “Performance Manager”.
  • The structure for the basic core of a PMS.
  • The ability to introduce systems and processes that moderate, evaluate, and ensure fairness in the application of a PMS.


Module 1
A holistic view of Performance Management

Module 2
Three critical PMS Building Blocks

Module 3
Integrating the team managed into the Performance Management process

Module 4
Creating “The Performance Agreement”, including the “Personal Development Plan”

Module 5
Performance Monitoring and Control applicable to both the supervisor and the supervised

Module 6
The Evaluation and Assessment of Performance (The Performance Review Discussion)

Module 7
Remaining Issues


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