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Competency-based Recruitment and Selection
Equipping you and your organisation for recruitment and selection effectiveness

Learning approach

Competency-based Recruitment and Selection is a highly interactive workshop, based on sound adult education principles.  It uses cases studies, role practice, practical exercises and video technology to make the learning an unforgettable and value-adding experience.

Workshop outcomes

  • Looking at the strategic importance of recruitment and selection and the need for a sound recruitment and selection policy and its continued application
  • In-depth understanding of the recruitment and selection processes and being able to use recruitment and selection processes that are efficient, effective and fair
  • An understanding of the importance of the "recruitment instrument" and how to design and use this effectively
  • Knowledge as to how to adequately prepare for the interview
  • Complying with legal requirements
  • Planning and structuring your selection process for best identification of suitable candidates
  • The use of interviewing skills, and techniques and practices to ensure that panels are more effective than single interviewer interviews
  • Identifying past behaviours that predict an applicant’s success or failure to meet your talent needs
  • Devising searching questions that reveal the real job-related strengths and weaknesses of your applicants
  • More effective practices in the management of Recruitment and Selection service providers
  • The use of a process to arrive at a correct and unbiased appointment decision


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