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Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
A two-day workshop providing you with the knowledge, insight and tools to ensure that sexual harassment is effectively managed and dealt with at your workplace

Course outcomes include:Course outcomes include:Course outcomes include:Course outcomes include

  • An understanding of
    • what constitutes, gives rise to, and possible effects of sexual harassment
    • the legal definition of harassment
    • the relationship between sexual harassment and unfair discrimination
    • the employer’s duty to prevent sexual harassment and/or deal with it properly
    • the possible legal and financial consequences of not managing or dealing with sexual harassment effectively in the workplace
    • what an employer must do to avoid or minimise such consequences
  • How to identify
    • sexual harassment
    • unreasonable, severe and/or unwelcome conduct
  • The tools with which to ensure that your organisation
    • has an effective sexual harassment policy and procedure
    • implements and enforces such policy and procedure effectively


Day 1

Defining Sexual Harassment

  • Identifying the causes
  • Understanding the effects
  • Understanding the law
  • Responding to harassment

Identifying Sexual Conduct

  • Identifying unreasonable, severe conduct
  • Identifying unwelcome conduct
Day 2 Developing and implementing appropriate responses to sexually harassing behaviour
  • Perceptions and experiences of affected persons
  • Office romance and other grey areas
  • Pin-ups, jokes, and innuendos
  • When is it and when is it not
  • Deciding whether to act
  • Confronting a harasser
  • Strategies for harassed workers

Evaluating Your Workplace

  • Designing an effective policy
  • Implementing complaint procedures
  • Training employees
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