Free EE Compliance and implementation Assessment

The Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) has, since January 2021, been stepping up its review and measurement of Designated Employers’ progress with the achievement of their Numerical Goals and targets against their EE Plans and been taking non-compliant Designated Employers to the Labour Court with the aim of having them fined 2% of turnover.

In order to avoid members being surprised by an unexpected ‘non-compliance’ finding and accompanying advice from the DEL of its intention to commence Labour Court action (following a surprise DEL inspection), SEIFSA is proactively offering members a free compliance assessment conducted by its EE alliance partner, EES-SIYAKHA.

The assessment gives members the opportunity to pre-emptively obtain an objective assessment of their EE compliance status, which in the event of a non-compliant finding, will give them the opportunity to take remedial steps, and so negate their risk of being fined 2% of turnover.

If the requested documents are not uploaded, it will be assumed that they do not exist. All information and documentation furnished will be treated as confidential.