Affordable EE solutions to assist you to focus on your business

EES-SIYAKHA’s affordable Equity Pro solution

This solution comprises of EES-SIYAKHA’s unique EE Software Goal Setting and Management solution, Equity Pro, coupled with training and support, to ensure that clients can readily compare their current EE Profiles with their EE Goals, whenever appointments are to be made.

Equity Pro is an EE Software application with, inter alia, the following features:

    • Web-based
    • Affordable annual license fees
    • Easy to use and access
    • Comes with training, support, user manual and tutorial slides
    • Facilitates monthly (or more) importation of the latest Workforce Profile to provide ‘real time’ gaps between users’ EE Goals and current Workforce Profile.

Equity Pro’s benefits, features, functionalities, and different modules

Information about Equity Pro’s benefits, features and functionalities can be viewed here, and its modules here.

Equity Pro Lite Module annual license and support fee

To ensure optimum benefit to clients, the fees below include training, ongoing support and monthly importation of clients’  Workforce Profiles data, so as to ensure real time identification of the race and gender groups to be targeted in a level in terms of clients’ EE Plans when a vacancy is required to be filled

Equity Pro solution fees start from R 6750 per annum, and are determined by the number of permanent employees employed. An Equity Pro solution proposal will be provided upon request. Please see below.  

30-Day free trial

EES-SIYAKHA is currently offering a 30-day free trial during which participants can access Equity Pro at no cost.


Request for an Equity Pro solution proposal

Please complete the Equity Pro solution proposal request form below and we’ll get back to you.  Alternatively, you can contact us on the number listed below.