Equity Pro Single Site Package (Lite Module) offer to SAMED members * See Note 3 below.

For further information or to arrange a presentation on Equity Pro, contact Mathe Peete on +27 78 031 3898 or +27 71 275 7888.

Please download EES-SIYAKHA’s Special offer to SAMED members to see Equity Pro Package Multi Site and Volume offers to SAMED members.

You can access the recordings of, and the slides used, at SAMED’s recent webinars on Sector Targets below.
20 January Webinar:  Recording             Slides
27 January Webinar:  Recording             Slides

Single Site Packages acquired on or before 30 April 2022 can be converted into Multisite Packages up to 27 January 2023 at the Multisite Module 60% discounted prices set out in EES-SIYAKHA’s above Special Offer to SAMED members.

In view of the complexities of determining the number of Group, Divisional and Branch Modules that might be required, the order form below only provides for the ordering of a Single Site Package.

Members interested in obtaining a quotation for Multisite Modules must please contact Mathe Peete at +27 78 031 3898 or +27 71 275 7888.


By submitting your order, you agree to the Equity Pro Users License Agreement and further terms included in the notes below.


1.  The support is included in the price. This is to ensure that users always have ‘real time’ data in determining the gap between its current Workforce Profile and its EE Goals in the Occupational Level in which any vacancy is to be filled. This will enable users to establish which individual race and gender group(s) to target for appointment according to its EE plan whenever a vacancy needs to be filled. This has become imperative, moving forward, so that Designated Employers can negate the  risk of being levied a  fine of 2% of turnover for not implementing  their EE Plans and losing Government business once Sector Targets are introduced in September 2022.

Our experience with existing Equity Pro license users is that when not making use of this support, their data is often not imported monthly (because of the responsible person focus being elsewhere) or inaccurate data is imported. This service includes reminders to send the data timeously to Equity Pro Support (in the absence of this being automated by members’ payroll/HR systems) and ensuring that Equity Pro is properly used by clients. Equity Pro Support is also vastly experienced in this specialist field.

2.  The above Annual Support Fee of R 1800 per Annum for Single Site Modules assumes that data furnished to Equity Pro Support to be imported each month is relatively clean and will not take Equity Pro Support more than an hour to sort and import per Module, including time spent trying to sort out queries. Additional fees may be raised in the event of it taking longer to do so because of unclean data being furnished by a user.

3.  Members will initially be invoiced 85% of the above 60% Discounted prices on Equity Pro Lite Modules and 90% of the prices on Group, Divisional and Branch Modules, and the balance, if any, after closure of this offer on 15 March 2022 and determination of the volume discounts applicable.

4. ‘Acquired’ means ordered and paid for.







Review of the allocation of employees into the correct JE Grades and EEA9 levels.

R 6 500

Assumes up to 60 different positions. EES-SIYAKHA reserves the right to charge more if there are more positions involved.


EE Goals Setting per Module.

R 5 000

This includes PWD and checking that Growth, attrition, retirements, and promotions have been correctly calculated and imported but excludes reviewing correctness of allocation of Workforce Profile data or any other EE Goal setting preparation work.


EE Goal Management Policy development to ensure that the required due diligence is followed, and recorded, when appointments are made, and the necessary evidence is generated and available to support justifiable reasonable grounds that may be advanced for not achieving EE Goals and Targets aligned to Sector Targets.

R 10 000

Includes up to 4 hours consultation and engagement with HR and/or EECFs and amendments to the Policy including a placement template incorporating EE procedures. Members will thereafter be charged at a reduced fee of
R 1 500 per hour.


EE Goals Management Policy Tracking tool, including customisation thereof aimed at ensuring easy tracking and diligent implementation of the EE Goal Management Policy, which will be required to retain Government business and avoid fines being levied.

R 10 000

Includes up to 3 hours’ consultations and amendments to draft versions. Members will thereafter be charged at a reduced fee of R 1 500 per hour.  


EE Best Practice Policy development to ensure that members go beyond compliance in developing their EE Plans and managing EE, which will now be required to negate the threat posed by Sector Targets.

R 20 000

Includes consultations and facilitation with members’ EE Stakeholders, and provision of draft versions until finalised, as well as an EECF constitution, steps and interventions spanning across EE Plan cycles, a Statement of Commitment that can be displayed, and EE Reporting Templates to be used at EECF and EE Management meetings to monitor and evaluate EE progress. EES-SIYAKHA reserves the right to charge more for multisite organisations with more than one EECF at the reduced rate of R 1 500 per hour.