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Employment Equity Compliance

To Your Business Advantage

We have been specializing in the Employment Equity (EE) field for the past 23 years, helping our clients to comply with all aspects of EE, for which purpose we have developed structured interventions and distinctive methodologies and tools, including a unique software application, Equity Pro.

The Department of Employment and Labour is  seriously stepping up D-G Reviews and prosecutions to impose fines of up to 2% of turnover on Designated Employers who, inter alia, do not meet their annual EE Targets, and will soon be introducing extremely challenging Sector Targets. These will either have to be achieved, or their non-achievement justified, for Management Control points to be included in Designated Employers’ B-BBEE Scorecards, or for them to do business with Government.

We are, as a result, now offering our clients affordable EE solutions aimed at taking away their ever-increasing EE pain so that they can focus on the business without distraction or risk.

EE Goals Setting and Management Tool

Equity Pro is a cutting edge software application, which assists employers to set achievable EE Goals. It facilitates the completion of the EEA2 and EEA4 for submission to the DoL.


EE Training

We have run customised, outcomes-based EE workshops for hundreds of clients. Our templates are refined continuously to ensure maximum benefit to clients.


EE Consultation and Facilitation

We provide high-level, participatory EE services. Our in-depth approach is based on our expert knowledge and many years of practical experience and application.



Equity Pro 30-day Free Trial

We are offering all interested organisations free access to Equity Pro, our cutting-edge EE Goal Setting and Management software application. 

Equity Pro has been developed to provide companies with a scalable set of modules to plan, implement and manage their EE Plans.

Participants that enter into a signed agreement for the usage of one or more Equity Pro Modules for a one-year period (or longer), during the 30-Day Free Trial Period, will receive a 50% discount. Payment can be affected monthly or annually

Complimentary Sector Targets Update Webinar

Join EE expert, Adv Jan Munnik, on 6 March 2024
Time: 10h00 to 12h00
Cost: Free

Revised Draft Sector Target Regulations were published on 1 February 2024 that included significant changes to the manner in which Sector Targets are to be complied with, implemented and monitored.

The webinar will, apart from the new draft Regulations, deal with:

  • Ramping up of EE Targets implementation monitoring and referral to Labour Court to have fines of 2% of turnover imposed of non-compliant members.
  • The risks to business posed by Sector Targets and their implementation.
  • “Justifiable reasonable grounds” that can be advanced for non-compliance.
  • What members will have to start doing differently to minimise their risk.
  • Complementary online EE compliance and implementation assessments that will be offered after the webinar to determine whether your organisation is at risk.

Our Clients 

We are proud of our excellent track record in providing Employment Equity services, as well as our established relationships with our clients. Many of our clients have been with us since we started the business.

Free EE Compliance and implementation Assessment

Avoid being surprised by an unexpected ‘non-compliance’ finding and accompanying advice from the DEL of its intention to commence Labour Court action (following a surprise DEL inspection).

EES-SIYAKHA is proactively offering organisations a free compliance assessment.