Affordable EE solutions to assist you to focus on your business

The Equity Pro solution

This solution comprises of access to EES-SIYAKHA’s unique EE Software Goal Setting and Management solution, Equity Pro, coupled with training and the monthly importation of members’ latest Workforce Profile data, to ensure not only that realistic EE Goals are set and tracked, but also that clients have ‘real-time’ data to compare their current Profiles with their EE Goals, whenever appointments are to be made.

This is for clients who do not need the EE retainer solution, but who want to make sure that they achieve their EE Targets, failing which, they can provide justifiable reasonable grounds for not achieving them.


The EE retainer solution

The retainer is aimed at enabling clients to focus on their business by providing them with specialist continuous consulting and practical support that will ensure that EE is practiced and managed in manner that will ensure full EE compliance, the avoidance of fines and, once Sector Targets are in place, the inclusion of Management Control in clients’ B-BBEE scorecards, and the retention of State contracts.


The EE webinar series and in-house training solutions

EES-SIYAKHA is running an EE webinar series aimed at assisting clients to start approaching and implementing EE differently so as to avoid:

  • Being fined 2 % of turnover for not having compliant EE Plans or achieving their EE Goals or Targets; or
  • Being held vicariously liable for acts of Harassment perpetrated by their employees; or

Once Sector Targets become law:

  • Having their Management Control points excluded from their B-BBEE Scorecards; or
  • Losing Government business.