Welcome to Equity Pro’s

30-Day Free Trial

How it works

You will need to register in order to participate in the Free Trial.

By registering for the Free Trial, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Usage.

Participants from larger multisite organisations with subsidiaries/divisions/departments will be given access to an Equity Pro Group Module, and smaller single site organisations with only one Management Structure, to an Equity Pro Plus Module.

In the registration window, please indicate which category your organisation falls into (large/small), where required.

You will be given access to two Equity Pro modules once registered for 30 days (or longer period as EES-SIYAKHA may agree to).

Apart from the above modules, into which you will be able to import and sign off data, set goals and test, you will also, during the Free Trial Period, be given access to an already populated read-only module, which you can navigate around, print reports, etc. (but not change or sign off any data).

Participants using the Group Module can, upon request, also obtain access to Divisional and Branch Modules.

What happens upon registration

Once registrated, you will be furnished with a table similar to the one below, containing the relevant modules’ Module ID Numbers, Usernames and Passwords, with easy-to-follow instructions on how to access the Modules, import data, etc.

Module Type Module ID Username Password
Group/Equity Pro Plus ABC00001 eeAdmin EPTrial
Divisional DEF00001 Sipho ********

We will furnish all participants with a standard password for the module into which you will be importing data, to facilitate maximum support from our side.

How can I optimise my 30-Day Free Trial Period?

You can either import your present EE Plan’s EE Start Month Profile and EE Goals (and for Persons with Disabilities) and then import your past monthly data, or your Start Month Profile for your next (actual or fictitious) EE Plan and set EE Goals, and import monthly data thereafter, and then test its different functionalities and, in particular:

  • The downloading an automated EEA12 Workforce Profile Analysis.
  • The exporting EEA2 and EEA4 data for EEA2 Reports.
  • Finding out what the Management Control Score is of each Occupational Level (and the total score) in respect of your Start and Current Month Profiles, are as well as your EE Goals.
  • What difference the appointment of an African, Coloured or Indian male or female in the top four levels will make to your B-BBEE score?
  • Which race and gender group in a particular Occupational Level you should target for appointment in terms of your EE Plan when the filling of a vacancy is approved?
  • The progress made towards the achievement of your EE Goals in any Occupational Level (also for Persons with Disabilities) in respect of each race and gender group.
  • Workforce planning and talent preparation.

Either way, we are there to support you, so that you can maximise your Equity Pro 30-day Free Trial experience. Please just email jan@eess.co.za if you need any support.

50% Discount on EP Modules during Free Trial Period

Participants that enter into a signed agreement for the usage of one or more Equity Pro Modules for a one-year period (or longer), during the 30-Day Free Trial Period, will receive a 50% discount. Payment can be affected monthly or annually.

Prospective clients to whom a proposal for the acquisition of licences was furnished before the launching of the Free Trial offer on 1 May 2020, will receive a 50% discount on the Annual License Fee quoted in the proposal for the first year of the contract. This applies if they register for the free trial and sign and return the signed proposal and effect payment, within the 30-day free trial period.